Community Events & Networking:

  • Spring Jamboree 2024: The event is scheduled for this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, from 9am to 4pm! Our Booth Number is 474, and it will be set up near the Kids Play Area. The booth will be ready for any or all agents who would like to promote themselves. Please note that this opportunity is for agents only, and the Broker will not be present unless nobody shows up.

Marketing & Branding:

  • Business Cards and Signs: Each agent is supposed to have business card and sign artwork on their agent page at If you do not see your card and sign, please email your profile picture to Once you have your artwork, you can use Quantum Printing here in BC, or whichever your favorite printer may be.
  • Email Marketing: We have a new email domain! If you have a listing, you can have your own email address specific to your listing! Example: If someone blocks it or marks it as spam it won’t effect your business email. Create a flyer and blast it out to whoever you’d like!
  • FREE Business Email: You also have the option to get your own,, email address. Email to get started.

New MLS Rules:

As of July 15th, Buyer Broker Agreements will be mandatory, and the buyer agent commission will be omitted from the MLS; other than that, nothing changes.

Only the overall Total Commission is negotiated with the seller. We are not required to discuss buyer agent commission with the seller, as that is determined at the sole discretion of the Listing Broker. In other words, Buyer agent compensation is solely determined by you, and it is not necessary to discuss it with the seller. However, we will add a clause to the additional terms to allow for instances of dual agency and compensation of the buyer’s agent by the buyer.

If a Buyer submits an offer noting that they are compensating their agent directly, the seller may favor that offer over others. There is already sufficient language in the LVR Buyer Broker Agreement (BBA), so nothing needs to be added in additional terms on that form. Add the following to the additional terms of a listing agreement

  • Listing Agreement Clause for Additional Terms: Compensation to Broker, as stated in Section 5, will be reduced in the event that the selling agent receives compensation directly from the Buyer or if the Listing Agent brings a buyer (dual agency).

Property Listings & Updates:




Broker Brief:

Trending is approaching its 2nd anniversary, which falls on May 25th. I want to express my gratitude to each and every one of you for being part of our organization and for trusting me as your Broker. I am truly humbled and grateful to work with you! I hope to see your faces at the Spring Jamboree. There will be a booth, table, and chairs arranged for your convenience. Once you arrive, I will step aside.

Jake Marsden

Q&A and Feedback:

Please visit our General Discussion forum at

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